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The Meeting -- "What We Do"

Each weekly meeting of Lakeside begins with 20 minutes of seated meditation, followed by 20 minutes walking meditation, and another 20 minutes of seated meditation. (Practitioners are invited to change their sitting posture if they become uncomfortable during the rounds of sitting.) Walking meditation is slow-paced movement enjoyed while remaining mindful of breathing.

Cushions and chairs are provided. Participants with special meditation benches may bring these to sessions.

Suggested minimum donation of $6 per evening/meeting.

old path After a short social break with tea and refreshments, activities during the second hour include a wide variety of discussions and readings led by group members and by the teachers who have been ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh. Discussion topics can vary from an ongoing study of the life of Buddha, using Thich Nhat Hanh's Old Path, White Clouds, to the application of mindfulness practices and Buddhist teachings in everyday life, including the transformation of anger, the cultivation of family reconciliation, the reduction of stress in the workplace, and the link between meditation and creativity.

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